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Driving around Washington DC can be a fun time, and you've likely racked up quite a few miles on your new Mitsubishi SUV or sedan. If so, then it's likely time to head over to Ourisman Mitsubishi's service center for an oil change. At our service center in Marlow Heights, we're prepared to provide you with expert service to get your routine oil changes done quickly, helping you get back on the road and exploring the Washington DC area.

Purpose of Oil Changes

As you drive your Mitsubishi Outlander around Hyattsville, the engine under the hood has a lot of parts that move around. The purpose of engine oil is to keep these parts lubricated to minimize friction and to negate the chance of your engine overheating. Oil changes are a key part of engine health since this process swaps out old, dirty engine oil for fresh, clean engine oil, making sure that your engine is the healthiest it can be. Your engine may also not have enough oil, which could lead to costly repairs down the line. Getting an oil change will ensure that you have enough oil to keep your engine running smoothly.

Better Performance

Skipping oil changes can lead to gradual decay in your engine's performance. Keeping dirty oil circulating throughout your engine can seriously impact how well it performs, offering you decreased acceleration for your drives around Arlington. If you want to keep your engine performing like-new, be sure to keep up with your oil changes.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Just like your engine's oil impacts its performance, it also impacts your car's fuel efficiency. Mitsubishi models are known for their superior efficiency, so it's important that you keep saving money on gas for a long time. To do so, it's important to get regular oil changes so that your engine works as efficiently as possible.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

If you decide to skip your oil changes for long enough, then you could have a serious problem on your hands: a seized engine. This occurs when your engine overheats due to a lack of proper lubrication. If this happens to your Mitsubishi, you could be looking at some very expensive repairs; and in the meantime, your car will be completely inoperable! To avoid spending a large sum of cash on this repair, it's best to keep up with your routine oil changes.

Why are Routine Oil Changes so Important?

If you've ever driven a car before, you've no doubt been lectured on the importance of oil changes. But has anyone ever explained to you exactly why oil changes are so important? Let's dive into oil changes and why you should never miss this important routine service procedure.

Why Ourisman Mitsubishi is Your Best Option

Here at Ourisman Mitsubishi, we will know your Mitsubishi front to back. When you head to our service center for an oil change, our expert technicians will know exactly what needs to be done. In addition to that, the technicians at our service center near Alexandria can give you recommendations for future service so that you can take the guesswork out of your Mitsubishi driving experience.


Schedule an Oil Change Today

Washington DC drivers who are ready for their next oil change can head over to Ourisman Mitsubishi's service center in Marlow Heights. When you visit our location, our expert technicians will make sure that your SUV or sedan is ready to hit the road until your next oil change. For fast, consistent, and convenient oil change service, be sure to choose Ourisman Mitsubishi. Schedule your service on our website now!


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